Technology Solutions

A well implemented SAP ERP provides the speed and agility that a company needs to differentiates itself and win the competition. It is with this aim, that S&V provides plethora of SAP-ERP services that makes your company competitive and empowers management. S&V has huge number of experienced consultants who have implemented SAP-services and the following change-management at various industries and functional verticals. We provide services which equip enterprises with the latest offerings and concepts from SAP.

Maintaining accurate and clean data is vital for the efficient functioning of business, yet it is inherently an iterative journey.
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Unlock the true potential of your organization’s data by using SAP Business Oriented Data Services.
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SAP Information Steward provides business analysts and IT users with a single environment
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What we do?

  • Only constant is change - We deliver you the latest software/tools/concepts in the field that will make you future ready
  • Peace of mind – Our consultants are SAP certified. So you can relax and handover the implementation work with to the masters
  • Trust is hard to earn – And we have earned it. We are the certified partner of SAP in middle-east and thus provide you with unwavering trust on our capabilities and expertise
  • Old is Gold – More than 400 man-years of experience can easily move mountains to make way
  • Variety is the spice of life – So is it for you. Our consultants have served numerous industries and have sercices companies starting from mid-size company upto fortune 500

Why technology solutions?

Our technology solutions are based on the latest technologies and the best practices in the industry.

Governance Reduce the risk of compliance and improve the accountability of the personals to obtain accurate and useful data.

Increase Efficiency Maximize operational efficiency by identifying the bottlenecks and focusing resources towards the critical processes

Empower your managers and subordinates to take better decisions and improve their contribution towards bottom line

Control your business and get the best out of your data using our Technology Solutions is the foundation for the success.