Maintaining accurate and clean data is vital for the efficient functioning of business, yet it is inherently an iterative journey. SAP MDG has exactly the right set of modularity and fuctionality that gets you started on this jouney and ultimately leads you to a central view of all data in enterprise. S&V has implemented multiple complex projects to gain the rare experience of implementing MDG end to end. The reputaion and success in projects lead S&V to be granted as the official ‘SAP PARTNER’ for the Middle-East region.

What we do?

  • Implement MDG for your business at your site, which will help your business scale smoothly
  • Understand your data structure and implement the requirements
  • MDG's high flexibility for different business environments and landscapes, lead to a truly personalized product
  • We present a tranparent, consistent and consolidated view of data, leading to a single instance of truth
  • Provide you with the latest concepts in MDG and its implementation.

The S&V advantages

The successful one

Customer centric focus enables us to provide personalized and quick services to your needs, thus providing you with a seamless transformation exercise.

The Preferred one:

Expert consultants who know all the nitty-gritty of all the modules of SAP IS. This makes us one-stop shop for all your SAP IS needs

The experienced one:

Unique and robust methodology of implementation that has been develeoped with years of experience in implementing projects.

The customized one:

We ensure that you get the best out of your business and the implementation impacts positively on your business