ERP Services

Can I improve my Business processes through IT?  How can IT help me scale my Business? Do I have the right data for making strategic decisions?

Today IT is an integral part of any Business. There is no process that cannot be enhanced through Technology. Computers have reached the pockets of the consumers and is playing a vital role in all communication. The options in the market are many and you need an expert to help you decipher the right one for your Business. S&V is an evangelist of Open-Source Technology and believe that Technology should be within reach of all Businesses, especially SMEs. In this pursuit, S&V is the trusted partner of Odoo, which is an open-source ERP business suite with thousands of modules for easy business processing. Odoo ERP is ideally suited for SMEs and small enterprises and is a truly comprehensive ERP solution which can be easily integrated into the existing business IT system. Our Odoo consultants have years of experience in implementing Odoo across various industries, functions and countries. The team at S&V are experts who have moved several Businesses on ERP Platforms


What we do?

We understand your business 

Our vast experience with different industries means the ability to understand your business like no one else does.

We are Technology Agnostic

Our exposure to various Technical languages and Frameworks gives us the edge to deliver solutions across and between platforms

We improve business processes

S&V projects and enables your business processes in the most effective way, which enhances transparency and business capabilities.

We excel in Domain knowledge

S&V has the experience of having successfully executed various complex projects in different domains and verticals.

Our arsenal includes Pre-built modules

Based on our vast experience, we have built ‘plug and play’ modules on Odoo which can be easily deployed in your organization.

Flexible customer support

Depending on your requirement, S&V gives you the support so that you focus on business more than ever

Odoo ready partner in UAE

We have been the partner of Odoo for the past 5 years

Our ERP Services

ODOO-OpenERP Services

  • Consulting
  • Gap Analysis
  • Hire ODOO/OpenERP Developer
  • Implementation
  • Installation and Hosting
  • Offshore Development
  • Support

Our Industry Experience

  • Construction & Manufacturing
  • Education
  • ERP For Service Industry – IT, Consulting, Project and HR
  • Fleet Management
  • GNU Health - Healthcare System
  • Hotel ERP
  • Restaurant Management

The S&V advantages


We IT enable your business processes so that you devote your precious resources to more important matters.

We automate your business processes such as HR, Finance, Supply chain, etc. This optimizes the processes to suit your business needs and release your valuable resources which can be re-deployed to more valuable tasks in the value-chain

We integrate various systems and devices like biometric devices. This allows comprehensive dashboards that helps in making the right strategic decisions.

We provide e-commerce platform for your business in the shortest possible time. We have expertise in providing such platforms for small and medium size businesses, thus providing a boost to their top-line and bottom-line immediately.

Utilizing the open-source ERP brings cost advantage to your business. Significantly less resources (in terms of money and effort) is needed to implement the Odoo ERP, leading to a hassle-free and effic

S&V’s own robust methodology ensures complete overhauling of data given by business.

The solution/services/experience is entirely tailored as per the requirement of enterprise.