Data Migration

Data Migration, undertaken at the time of an ERP implementation or a digital transformation journey, has numerous hand-off points, which when mis-managed can cause havoc. The simplicity in defining data migration as a term, conceals the enormity of the task at hand. S&V has been part of complicated, complex and difficult situations, wherein data migration accuracy and performance took to the mainstage. In all such cases, S&V has not only come out successfully, but also left a lasting impression on customers to consider their own data management more seriously than before.

What we do?

  • Experienced & efficient team at your service
  • Tailored implementation services
  • Affordable and high quality services
  • Masters in data engineering and science

The S&V advantages

Complexity - Solved!!

Vast experience in solving difficult projects across industries.


Complete spectrum of vertical integrated services related to data quality are provided by S&V.

Dedicated functional consultants provides additional focus to understand your data and requirements.

Tried and Tested Methodology

S&V’s robust methodology ensures guidance and ensures no points are missed out.

Offshore, near-shore and onsite services are provided depending upon requirements.

Not a one-size-fits-all approach

The solution/services/experience is tailored as per the requirement of enterprise.