Leadership Program in Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

In just one day, learn how Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning can dramatically enhance your organization’s services, products, and processes.

This non-technical seminar will teach you a suite of frameworks, tools, and strategies to ask the right questions, establish proper processes, and build high- functioning Data Science teams that deliver results.

Why learn Machine Learning and AI?

In today’s hi-tech world, data is generated at a rate which has no precursor. This has presented a huge opportunity to the organizations. Organizations can now tap to this huge data and process / analyze this to test intuitions, unearth new insights, and predict the future. This exercise has proved to be a key differentiator and helped organizations to scale operation. Data science has unearthed new opportunities and pointed out the pits. For instance, Data Science is used to identify and target high-value customers, predict asset failures, analyze important documents, and ascertain which investments will result in the most ROI. These are business-critical problems that are increasingly being addressed by Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning technologies.

Getting to know the nuances of Data Science, AI and Machine Learning has become almost an essential skill to acquire for any leader who is planning to lead his organization through the present era which is bombarded by new technologies every month.

Why this course?

  • Learn what Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning can and cannot do for your organization.
  • Learn how to prepare your team to embrace Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning effectively and drastically reduce the time it takes to define, architect, plan, and develop solutions.
  • Learn to apply design thinking, technical expertise, scientific strategies, and agile methodologies to develop demonstrably valuable Data Science solutions.
  • Develop a Data Science blueprint/roadmap for your organization.

What can you expect from course?

Leaders of organizations will know how to utilize Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning. Thus they can design a proper strategy for their organization which will ensure that the organization has a strong foundation to tap the opportunities in data science and AI.

Leaders will have the understanding on how and when to form a center of excellence and what technology should they look at. Leaders will be able to formulate new products, solutions, services, and processes that can dramatically improve the performance of their organization.

Course Objectives

  • With no technical background, Leaders should be able to develop a solid understanding on the data science, so that they can provide strategic insights to their organization.

Who should attend this course?

  • This is a domain-agnostic seminar, which is ideal for leaders, even with non-technical background.
  • For people who feel passionate about AI and Deep Learning, and who want to harness the new technology to boost their organization’s performance.