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  • By Spandan Adhikary

Every organization comes across an inflection point – a small period where the decisions taken have the power to decide the future of its fate. You can see many examples such as the Softbank and Goldman’s funding to Alibaba during 2000 dot-com burst, pearl harbour incident of World War 2, or how intel reacted to IBM’s embargo in December 1994.

S&V is in such an inflection point. The developments in its business environment has given it an opportunity to scale onwards heavily. If S&V encashes it, there is no turning back. The journey upto here has been achieved by under the leadership of visionaries and on the shoulders of dedicated experts. S&V’s quality of service and customer-centric approach has driven the company to the present success. This has opened many doors and created multiple opportunities to take advantage of. Now is the time for S&V to launch itself on a new venture. The path that company treads will now decide the course that the future has for the company.

Most of the companies, when they see so many doors opening, there is a sense of emergency in the minds of their leaders, to grab every one of them. After all, this is the result of uncountable sleepless nights. I believe that is obvious and up to a point, rational too. But companies might start deviating from the principles they have followed till now, resulting in confusing and complex situations. For example, a company might have been focusing on luxury experience for customer, after a regulatory environment shuffling, might start cutting down costs for the same experience it has been offering. Though this might be possible, but it can soon spiral out of control.

S&V has been aware of this precarious situation and has a strategy ready for it. S&V has already embarked on the first step is -Brand Overhauling. It has been focusing well on the critical aspects of branding and the impact it has on potential clients. The new branding strategy stands for what S&V is really is – a pride of data experts who are dedicated to help clients realize their maximum potential. This will enhance the expectations of the clients.Second step is recruiting the right mix of experts who have the same customer-centric ethos as S&V and bring in the rare experience S&V is well known for. This is a daunting task for an agile company as this can levy organizational toll on the company. This will ultimately prepare us to deliver what clients are expecting. The third and final step is – the execution. S&V is striving to introduce and enhance its current existing processes to deliver the projects. This cycle starts from Sales Pitch to final Job Sign-off. This step will finally give the results to the clients. S&V has always been able to exceed the expectations of clients, and it will hopefully keep doing so.

The path S&V has embarked upon is full of precarious strategic decisions. This is undoubtedly the most critical phase of S&V till date. But I have full faith in S&V’s talented team and leadership – we will be the winner this time too.