Ingo's visit to S&V

  • By Avinash S Aralaguppi

It was both our privilege and honour to host Ingo Rothley, SAP Product Manager MDM/MDG bei SAP at our Bangalore office on the 14th November 2017. The day brightened up with Ingo’s visit on the Children’s day. It was a great opportunity to interact and hear from an accomplished leader, Guru and Product Owner of one of the critical and leading product from a leading enterprise software company.

While Ingo was delighted with S&V’s team, processes, services and contribution to education for special schools, he also enlightened us with his wisdom in our Gurukul session. Ingo advocated on learning and applying knowledge in our personal life and professional game. Providing his insights on learning, Ingo brought home the point that learning is never one way, it always is two ways. He was happy to share his experience during his one-week visit to the country. While meeting business partners and their team., he learnt a lot about many aspects of Indian work culture himself. He found that people here are very passionate about their work, initiatives and other activities they take up and contribute to. Ingo emphasised on “Being Passionate” in what one likes, which will ultimately bring the best from the person. I too believe that passion in a particular field will bring in continuous learning, up skilling and resilience, just like a good player in sports springs back after losing a game. One can be unstoppable in the professional game if he combines passion with learning.

One point which came out during our interaction with Ingo is that: HANA is great for results, but if we don’t have right data, HANA will calculate wrong results equally faster. This point emphasises that the right quality of data/information is the foundation of any successful project. Data/information is everywhere and is growing rapidly and so does the customer’s demand on product capability and features. We should not only be able to accept the challenges but also innovate continuously. I would suggest to all organizations that build product that are robust and stable, and be able to answer the future challenges.

Ingo suggested that each of us “Take up responsibilities both in your personal life and also in your professional life, even if it is not in your job profile. Feel responsible for people, processes, and personal life, all around you”.

The question and answer session on the different aspects of any product development was equally insightful with Ingo lighting our thought process.

He shared his experiences on the challenges in product definition and development: such as ongoing demands on adding features to the product. Since usability is equally important and efforts should never be under estimated, he recommended to clearly define a viable scope which can (and has to) be accomplished in a project. Direct customer interaction helps to make the right choices to define this scope.

There we saw such simplicity from such a great person. Ingo’s visit and presence for close to three hours left us happy, motivated and energetic.

Thanks Ingo, for everything.