Are you ready for the risk?

  • By Khalid Ahmed M

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.-Muhammad Ali

S&V is a best company IF :

  • you love your work,

  • you want to find out who are you,

  • you want to know what all you can do,

  • you want to work in a family

  • you want to work the way you want

  • you want to take the RISK

I completed my master degree and came out from University at an awful time when whole IT sector was in recession. I struggled a lot, and finally, got a job in one of the MNC. But I was not happy with that job because there was no challenges to work on. I was not knowing what I am coding or what it is for. I was not having any idea about the overall project for which I was working. It was typical 9.00 to 5.00 Job.  After couple of weeks, I took risk and I quit the job.

I joined S&V as a Web developer where I got opportunities to attend meetings with customers. This gave me an opportunity to understand the overall project and eventually helped me to code the software in better way. After couple of years, S&V started changing strategies to grow and decided to discontinue the Web Development and move to the ERP implementation, which was again a Risk.

We at S&V built a team to analyze and study which ERP we will go with.  We researched for couple of months during which we reviewed different ERPs and decided on Odoo. The technology and field, both were new to us, still we again took the Risk and jumped in the ocean. We struggled lot to understand the framework, to understand the functions and features of the Odoo. We took 10 months to materialize this, and finally, we were ready for the ERP implementation.

S&V has seen gloomy days as well. For a brief period, S&V was not able to sustain on their projects. Employees had not taken their salaries for 2-3 months, and hence people started leaving S&V. In spite of all these hurdles, S&V has not stopped their journey. S&V Management poured their personal savings into the company which is again a Risk. As someone told: “Where there's a will, there's a way.” After couple of years, we found our way, and we came out from our bad days. S&V now, is a flourishing organization with some of the best talents supporting each other to innovate and work on challenges.

I have spend 98% of my professional carrier at S&V and wants to continue to take this RISK !!!